lundi 6 janvier 2020

Missing Link wins Golden Globe for best animated feature!!

I remember, back in 2015, arriving at the studio a bit earlier and every morning having a small chat with my colleague sitting next to me, Trevor Dalmer. We would talk, make some jokes and then get down to work. I remember, Trevor working very hard on one particular image: The Yeti's temple interior. Nelson Lowry-Production Designer- would give him a lot of feedback to get it right where Chris Butler )the Director- wanted it to go. It was tough work as not only we were creating a unique place, but also giving a glimpse into the lost and unknown culture we would never be able to reach. I remember seeing that image, and thinking: Wow, that's an impressive one! I couldn't wait to see it on the screen!
Then, back in France, I waited for almost three years to see the result of what we have done. And I wasn't disappointed. In the movie, before Mr Link, Sir Lionel and Adelina appeared in front of the Temple I was all "wow, beautiful, amazing" and, everyone who has worked with me knows I use these adjectives rarely. But once they entered the temple, I was speechless. The image Trevor worked on gained all its force once crafted, rendered and built by the magicians at Laika. I remember myself thinking "this is a pure moment of cinema, this is Indiana Jones, and the Secret of the Pyramid, and Sherlock Holmes mixed together and then something even stronger because it was all animated and so incredibly well performed that one could forget the characters were "just" puppets.
This Golden Globe is so important to me cause it reminds me that a different kind of animation can still be recognised.
I am so happy, thankful and proud to have been part of this movie. Big congrats to the team!!

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